International health Request a ship sanitation inspection

We inspect ships for public health risks and identify any control measures that must be put in place to tackle them.

Before you request an inspection - the documents we need

You must submit all ship arrival documents before we can carry out a ship sanitation inspection. 

How to request an inspection

Once you have submitted the documents above, you can request an inspection. Please use our request a visit form and select the 'ship sanitation inspection' option.

Once we receive your request, we will confirm a date and time for the inspection, along with the named officer who will carry it out.

How much is this service?

Visit our fees' page to find out how much we charge for a ship sanitation inspection. 

How long are the certificates valid for?

Sanitation certificates are valid for a maximum of six months. This period may be extended by one month if the inspection or control measures required cannot be carried out at the port.

Certificates can be extended for a period of 30 days before they expire to allow a ship to reach another port where the necessary control measures can be put in place. We cannot extend certificates that have already expired.

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