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Food safety and hygiene Report a food safety issue

We deal with complaints about food businesses in the 53 miles of coastline of Liverpool, Sefton and Wirral where we enforce controls. If your complaint is about a food business outside this area, please contact the relevant local authority. We are unable to deal with anonymous complaints but any personal details you do provide will remain confidential.

Before you make a complaint

In many cases, your complaint can be resolved by taking the matter up with the shop, takeaway or restaurant manager - particularly with cases of poor practices such as food handlers smoking within food premises.

Generally, businesses will try their best to resolve the matter. We recommend this should be your first course of action.

What should I report?

We only investigate food safety matters that present a significant risk to public health.

What don't I need to report?

Please don't report low risk complaints which present little or no risk to public health. These include:

How to report a food premises hygiene issue

Use our online form to report any of the issues outlined in the 'What should I report' section of  this page.

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