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Forthcoming changes to our processes

Published: 2nd February 2023

Mersey Port Health Authority introduced a new and improved website last year with the aim of improving the customer experience. As part of this development we also reviewed our internal processes with the overall goal of ensuring a more productive experience for our customers, as such we have now implemented a new method of communicating with the authority.

We are removing the need to send hard copies of CHED-P and CHED-D when importing food and animal products to the ports of Liverpool. However, the original Health/Official Certificates and IUU catch certificates required for certain consignments must still be sent as hard copies to MPHA. Copies of these documents, plus any supporting documentation should be uploaded to the relevant notification in IPAFFS.

With the introduction of our new and improved website last year, we now have the dedicated electronic forms for communicating with the authority; the aim of this new feature is to improve efficiency within the Authority. With the varied emails we receive it is important that we identify a more streamlined way of dealing with these. Therefore, with effect from 1st April 2023, we will be making the following changes:

• Monitoring of will be phased out. When a customer receives and responds to an email from, this will automatically be processed and require no manual intervention from our administrative team.

• When a customer wishes to raise a new query regarding a consignment, whether to submit documentation relating to a hold or requesting a status update, then this will need to be done via

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