Ship Sanitation Update

In order to limit the spread of Coronavirus and comply with the government’s social distancing guidance, Officers will be inspecting vessels requiring a Ship Sanitation Certificate, based on a documentary check and, provided that no health events are identified, the certificate will be issued stipulating that no physical inspection was undertaken because of the coronavirus outbreak.  This will be known as a ”Lite” certificate.


To reflect the reduced level of officer time conducting the inspections, there will be a flat fee of £100 for all ships.  This will be with immediate effect.


Upon application for a Ship Sanitation Certificate, a date will be arranged for the certificate to be issued.  A list of the required documents will be emailed to you at this time.


These documents should be returned to port health as soon as possible and in advance of the date arranged for issuing the certificate.


Documents should be sent to us no later than 12 noon on the date arranged for the certificate to be issued.


The Maritime Declaration of Health should be submitted

  • Not more than 12 hours in advance of arrival/berthing.
  • Preferably not more than 4 hours in advance of arrival/berthing.


Missing information or a delay in returning documents may result in us being unable to issue the Ship Sanitation Certificate on the agreed date


If the vessel is delayed and will not be in port on the date arranged for the Ship Sanitation Certificate to be issued, please contact port health and an alternative date can be arranged


Thank you.