Ship Sanitation Certificates

The current COVID-19 global pandemic, also referred to as Coronavirus, has resulted in corporate business continuity planning arrangements becoming active at Mersey Port Health Authority (MPHA). 


In order to limit the spread of Coronavirus and comply with the government’s social distancing guidance, Officers will be inspecting vessels requiring a Ship Sanitation Certificate, based on a documentary check and, provided that no health events are identified, the certificate will be issued stipulating that no physical inspection was undertaken because of the coronavirus outbreak.  This will be known as a ”Lite” certificate.


To reflect the reduced level of officer time conducting the inspections, there will be a flat fee of £100 for all ships.  This will be with immediate effect.


Any further developments will be published here on our website:


Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this difficult period. MPHA will endeavour to return to business as usual as soon as practically possible