Updated: Gas Checks

Further to recent developments at the Port of Liverpool, moving forward any containers that require an examination by Mersey Port Health Authority, whereby the container is presented to the BCP and doors are opened, will require a completed declaration from the exporting Food business Operator, certifying that the container has not been fumigated prior to shipping.  If this cannot be provided, a gas-check will need to be carried out on the container. This applies to all ambient storage temperature containers; refrigerated and frozen storage containers are exempt from this process.


If the consignment has been called for examination and you are unable to provide the completed declaration, you should contact Peel Ports, Ancillary Services (CS.ancillary@peelports.com or Tel; 0151 949 6443 /6448 ) to arrange for gas checks to be conducted, to confirm that the container is free from adverse levels of fumigant gasses.  Peel ports will provide you with details of a fumigation company who can conduct the gas check on your behalf and who can advise costs for this process.


In addition, the only costs that the port will charge to the customer for this process will be the movement charge of the containers to the relevant checking area and return to the stacking area (2 moves) as per shipping lines contracted rate (tariff) with the port.


Download Link: Fumigant Gas Declaration