Updated: Electronic Documents

Mersey Port Health Authority is currently developing contingency plans with regard to the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). To support agents and imports during this difficult time the authority will be making amendments to our current processes, ensuring we adapt to government guidelines whilst maintaining our excellent service delivery. Thus until further notice and with immediate effect we will be accepting:


- Scanned signed Traces CHED/CVEDs.

- Electronic copies of Export Health Certificates and further documents issued by the third countries may be accepted, provided that one of the following three scenarios applies:


  • Scenario 1: Scanned copies are sent by email directly from the third country competent authorities to the BCP. Copies may be provided by the operator to the BCP if it is clear in the chain of correspondence that they can verify the copy of the certificate was sent from the competent authority originally; OR


  • Scenario 2: For third countries using the TRACES platform, certificates and other relevant information can be completed and attached in the TRACES system, OR


  • Scenario 3: If none of the above scenarios apply, then scanned copies should be sent from the operator (agent/importer) to the BCP ensuring that in the email the third country competent authority is copied as well (see Annex I (A) of the OVS Note 2020/20 for contact details: LINK)


You will need to provide a statement affirming that the original copies of the official health certificates or official attestations will be submitted as soon as technically feasible.


Please ensure that all electronic documentation (CVED/CHED-D, Official Certificate, commercial documents etc.) supporting the import is emailed to the Port.Health@liverpool.gov.uk as soon as possible.  


The preferred document format is PDF, however we will consider JPEG, PNG, GIF formats. To reduce delay in this process please ensure the quality of the scan before emailing, as well as including all container numbers within the subject line or text of the email.


Please note that we will be able to conduct official checks on scanned documents as long as the agents comply with the above requirements.


If you have any queries please email port.health@liverpool.gov.uk